What you'll learn

  • Learn how to use the P&L and Balance Sheet reports to analyse your business
  • Customise your Accounts List to meet your business’ reporting needs
  • Discover tools in your software to track profitability in different areas of your business
  • Set and report on Key Performance Indicators using MYOB software and Microsoft Excel
  • Understand key ratios and apply them to measure business performance
  • Use reports in your software and Microsoft Excel to customise templates for targeted reporting
  • Input your data into financial templates to enable you to measure business performance
  • Recognise the difference between cash flow and profit and how to improve them


Using the reporting tools in MYOB AccountRight, together with Microsoft Excel templates and formulas, you'll learn how to get accurate, just-in-time information, analyse how your business is tracking and how to improve your business performance.

Please note that this course explains how to analyse information, not GST or BAS reporting. If you're wanting to know more about these check out our End of period and reconciliation course.

This course is designed for those who want a clearer insight into the health of their business beyond tax and compliance reporting, and who want a better understanding of the reporting capabilities of AccountRight. You'll need a basic understanding of how to use AccountRight and Microsoft Excel.

Learning Pathways

Looking to get a grasp on the day-to-day uses of AccountRight? Take a look at Day-to-day with MYOB AccountRight first.

Needing something... more? Check out our other available AccountRight courses and find what you're looking for.

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