MYOB AO Client Accounting: Learn the basics


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Introduction to Client Accounting and how it can improve efficiency in your practice.


MYOB Client Accounting allows you to streamline multiple different workflows into a single process. This course provides an overview of the functions of Client Accounting and how you can get started.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Configure an Essentials ledger
  • Create an .MYE file from AccountRight
  • Post Journals
  • Produce Reports
  • Migrate existing data to MYOB Ledger


10 minutes


Learn about configuring an Essentials Accounting ledger to work with Client Accounting
Learn how to create an .MYE file in MYOB AccountRight to import into your MYOB Ledger
Make adjustments to substantiate your balances.
Learn the basics of how to generate a report in Statutory Reporter
Learn about migrating to AO Ledger