Setting up MYOB AccountRight


Just got AccountRight, or thinking about it? Want to know how to set it up right, or just find out how it works? Then this online course is for you.

What's covered?

Learn how to create your online file, set up your accounts, personalise your invoices, enter your balances and get ready to reconcile the smart way with bank feeds.


1.5 hours


Create your online file and enter information about your business
Apply for new bank feeds for all your bank accounts and credit cards
Spend a bit of time personalising your invoices... it's well worth it!
Get the most from your accounts list and report on the details you need
Keep your customer and supplier contacts up-to-date to make life easier
Don't be a loner. Invite your advisor and team to work together online
Is your accounts list sorted? Let's now find your balances and add them in
Use the preferences so you can work they way you want


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The course is free.