Topic outline

  • General

    From start to finish, this workshop covers everything you need to know about Maintaining and Processing Pays in Exo Payroll.

    This extensive hands-on workshop is designed for new users to the Exo Payroll software, or those that have never had any training from MYOB. Learn the day to day requirements of maintaining the software, setting up new employees and pay items, and pay processing.

    What's covered?

    • Setting up reminders, user security details and settings
    • Creating new allowances and deductions
    • New KiwiSaver groups for different percentage options for members
    • Using the Pay Cycle to complete all the steps to complete a payroll
    • Adding new employees with all leave requirements, banking details etc.
    • Processing current pay including leave entitlements, overtime, allowances, deductions and direct credit payment files
    • Formatting reports and creating report runs
    • Understanding the IRD reporting requirements
    • One Off pays and processing Termination Holiday Pay
    • Terminations and reinstatements for contractors and casual staff

    Session Dates - Workshops

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