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    Get an expert opinion on the health of your business and peace of mind with an MYOB Exo Payroll Warrant of Fitness

    Our WOF uses a 40 point checklist to review all aspects of your system configuration and identify any potential risk areas, or areas for improvement. The entire process only takes two hours and can be done onsite, or remotely. We check that your payroll setup is optimal, and checking a cross section of employees will review your employee configuration and make recommendations for improvement where necessary.

    An MYOB Warrant of Fitness is a setup review of your Exo Payroll system to ensure that the configuration is correct for your business. There have been many changes in payroll legislation and how we administer the holidays act over the years, so this review will help identify areas of improvement. Please note that our consultants will not review any historical payments and setup, and cannot provide business and legal advice. It may be recommended that you seek advice from an employment relations specialist should we identify any potential risk areas.

    Note: Each 2-hour session covers one database/company - additional charges apply for more databases.