Topic outline

  • General

    Get expert help to review employees and switch your Exo Payroll functionality to processing Annual Holidays in Weeks

    All users must be upgraded to version 2020.06 prior to the session. It’s advised to review all documentation on the Holidays Act Hub and the 2020.06 and 2020.07 version release notes. This session will work through the new features and help with specific employee setup.

    For a full system review, add a payroll Warrant of Fitness – 10% discount on bookings applies when bundled with the Annual Holidays Weeks Setup Assistance Package.

    What's covered?

    This package is designed to assist in the process to review employee setups and convert to weeks management for Holiday Pay. Our Consultants will work through a cross-section of employees with you in the 2hour timeframe to:

    • Review Employees Rate comparisons, identify and resolve any rate variances.
    • Activate weeks and review all new settings
      • Activate for all permanent employees if desired
      • Review a cross-section of employees and move them to weeks
      • LWOP for anyone who needs a divisor reduced
      • Review new balance reports
      • Complete test processing in a one-off pay, or test company
    • Set up a Test company and demonstrate new features.