MYOB Academy | Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

This page is dedicated to MYOB Academy training. If you need support with your MYOB software, please visit our contact page for ways to get in touch. If you have a question about training that is not covered below please email the MYOB Training Team.

MYOB training

What are the best courses for me?

Advice of this kind depends on what you wish to learn and what you already know, and can also depend on which product you use.

If you want to speak to someone for advice on which course is best email your needs to the MYOB Training Team and we will have someone call to assist you.

Do you offer online training?

We offer online training courses in webinar and self-paced formats to help you understand how to use your MYOB product and improve your business processes, with more always being developed.

Please browse through MYOB Academy to view all available courses and check back often for new releases and updates.

Do you offer onsite training?

We understand that sometimes clients prefer to have someone come out and train them face-to-face. As we do not offer onsite training directly, we recommend you look for an MYOB Partner and ask the question of them.
MYOB Partners are certified by MYOB on an annual basis; however they are not employed by us, so we could not recommend one above the other, nor can we advise on their rates. Not all Partners offer training either, and they also have a range of skills that start at simple bookkeeping, all the way up to CPA’s.
The best place to locate one in your area is to go to MYOB's Partner Search (AU or NZ)and search for one who offers what you are looking for in your area.

I am studying at TAFE and I need help with MYOB software. My teacher suggested I contact you.

MYOB do not offer technical support for students, but you may find our Support Notes helpful. Otherwise, please seek assistance from your teacher.

I have a question about the Certified Consultant training

All questions regarding the Certified Consultant training can be emailed to the Certified Consultant Induction team

MYOB Academy

How do I sign in/sign up?

When you click Sign In you'll be taken to your MYOB sign in screen where you can enter your existing my.MYOB credentials to use MYOB Academy. If you don't have an MYOB account, click Sign Up to get one (it's free & you don't have to subscribe to one of our products to get an account). It only takes a couple minutes to do.

How can I switch between users on the same computer?

MYOB Academy saves your sign in details so that you can login easily. However, if you want to let someone else sign in on the same PC, just use an Incognito or Private browser window. Be sure to close that session (close down all the windows you have open) if you want to switch to another user or want to clear that user's details from the PC.

Do I have to complete the course I enrolled into in a limited time? Will it expire?

Webinars run at the date and time that they are advertised, but self-paced training modules do not expire. Once you have signed up for a bundle or module of self-paced learning it will remain under your account in the My Learning dashboard. They do not expire, so take all the time you need, and you can retake the same content as many times as you wish.

Bookings, changes & cancellations

How do I cancel my enrolment in MYOB Academy content?

If you have mistakenly or otherwise enrolled into one of our courses please notify the MYOB Training Team and include your username and any other pertinent enrolment information and we will assist you.

How can I change the person enrolled in a course?
Please contact the MYOB Training Team for assistance if you wish to make changes to your enrolment.

Training Certificates & Manuals

Do I get a certificate at the end of the course?

Where no assessment is given to show conceptual understanding we cannot offer a certificate for our MYOB Academy courses. We also do not certify other third-party training facilities that offer MYOB training.

Can I get a replacement certificate of completion for a course once I took with you?

Please email the MYOB Training Team with your request, ensuring you provide proof of enrolment in the course in question. Once your completion of the course has been confirmed a PDF will be emailed back to you. If we cannot confirm your enrolment in the course we will not provide a certificate. This applies only for classroom training conducted prior to March 2020 - online courses without assessments do not include any certificate at this time.

Can I order training manuals?

No, manuals are no longer available for purchase.


What is a webinar?

A webinar is a class, seminar or lecture conducted over the internet. The advantage of this form of online training is that the presentation is live and attendees can ask questions of the presenter/s.

Who can participate in a webinar?

Anyone who has a computer with either headphones or speakers, a reliable internet connection, and has registered to attend. You can ask questions using the text chat function within the session (preferred) or a microphone.

Do I need any special equipment for a webinar?

No, just a computer with either headphones or speakers and a reliable internet connection. You can ask questions using the text chat function within the session (preferred) or a microphone.

When do I receive my webinar connection details?

Once enrolled in a webinar, the connection link will appear on your My Learning dashboard.

MYOB strongly recommends you attempt to open your link and test your computer audio within the webinar program before the class to ensure your connection works without issue.

Can I ask questions in my webinar?

Absolutely! Questions can be asked via the text chat function within the session (preferred), or via microphone when enabled, and will be answered as the trainer has opportunity.

How do I connect to my webinar?

Once you have registered for an MYOB Academy webinar, you will find the connection link under your My Learning dashboard. If you have trouble connecting please email the MYOB Training Team

What do I do if I can’t connect to my webinar?

The training team can provide minimal technical support for some commonly experienced webinar issues; these should be emailed to the MYOB Training Team. If your technical difficulties can’t be resolved in a timely manner and significant amounts of your class are missed, you may need to consider re-enrolling in another class.